Hi, friends!

I’ve been fairly absent lately. #noragrets. Once we left for Newfoundland, I went into full-on vacation mode. I had no desire to write or post much of anything while I was away, so I just went with it. I didn’t exercise nearly as much as I should have, either, and I feel zero guilt. I ate, drank, laughed, spent time with my family and friends, and worked out when I felt like it. I had a pretty solid open water swim, a hilly long run, and a nice pool swim. That was it. End of workout log.

Running has been my least favourite of all my workouts lately, likely because I’ve been struggling so much with running off the bike and the run legs of my triathlons. You’ll probably hear more about that next week, as I’ve got three brick workouts on my schedule this week! Anyway, on the first Saturday we were at home, I had a long run of 75 minutes on my schedule. I woke up feeling a little lethargic and not quite up for it, but determined to get it done. My mom’s birthday party was that night, so I knew the chances of my getting out the next day were slim.

Ryan joined me for the first 20 minutes or so and then turned back while I kept going. I wondered if I would even be able to finish my run. I slowed it down and managed to bang out the full 75 minutes. It was ever so slightly humid outside, although the temperatures were not high. I kept telling myself over and over to be thankful for the cool temperatures and to be running at home. That got me through.

Running in Newfoundland really is something to be experienced. I’m the first to admit that the hills may eat you alive. If you can set that aside, you really are rewarded with some of the most breath-taking scenery ever. When I did my run, it was foggy, which kept things cool. That weather would have annoyed me when I lived here, and it’s one of those things you definitely appreciate when you move away and come back to visit. The fog was perfect to keep me cool on the hills, despite the slight humidity.

We made sure to bring our wetsuits to get in an open water swim or two. We made a beach day of it. Ryan and I swam in our wetsuits, and my mom and niece also came along. My niece went for a swim too, and Mom played photographer and guarded the beach snacks.


We swam just over a kilometre. It was a little choppy once you got out there because of the boats and Sea-Doos, and as usual, my sighting skills need some work. I had so much fun doing a swim workout in one of the ponds that I spent much of my childhood summers swimming/bobbing around in. Mom insisted on capturing a number of photos, and there were some outtakes. Thanks for the candid shots, Ma.

I seriously could have stayed in there all day. The weather has been quite warm in Newfoundland and they’re apparently having a fabulous summer (must be nice!), so the water temperature was great, too! I had forgotten how shallow the water is at Golden Sands and, even a few hundred metres offshore, the water was only up to your knees. The water was so crisp and clear. It’s definitely some of the cleanest water I’ve ever swam in. I suppose that doesn’t mean much when you’re surrounded by lakes littered with drinking straws and cigarette butts. 😉 Anyway…if you ever find yourself in Newfoundland while you’re training for a triathlon, it was worth the extra room my wetsuit took up in the suitcase. I wish I had gotten out more than once.


Attack of the swunger.

Other than that, we really just enjoyed our time at home. My mom’s birthday party and cousin’s wedding kept us busy, and we enjoyed a couple of nights with my parents and niece at the cabin. We took an ATV ride up to a beautiful waterfall, which was a nice change.


I was able to get to the local YMCA for a pool swim. The facility is fairly new, and it was my first time visiting. It is beautiful, and I will definitely be taking full advantage of it the next time I’m at home visiting. The pool there is 25m, so you can imagine what a change that was, now that I’ve gotten used to swimming long course. The laps felt so short! In a virtually empty pool, I enjoyed a 2400m swim.

That was the extent of my workouts! Perhaps not the best strategy leading up to the Wasaga Beach Olympic race on August 26. However, I’m feeling mentally rested and ready to dig back into training, which, as you know, is often the biggest hurdle for me. I’ve got my longest bike ride to date scheduled for this weekend (2 hours), followed by a 30 minute run off the bike. Should be interesting!

Do you stick to your training plan on vacation? How was your long weekend? 


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