Just Eat It


Hello, hello! Two weeks in a row now, I’ve used clever song titles/lyrics for my post title. You’re welcome. Anyway…

How is your week starting out? Mine is starting out pretty well. I’m feeling (mostly) rejuvenated after a (mostly) restful weekend. Other than working out and adulting, not much went down. I had plans to visit my friend and her brand new baby, but I was feeling sick towards the end of the week, so we have to take a raincheck on that until I’m feeling 100% better.

I watched many of my friends post solid performances yesterday at both GoodLife and Mississauga. I was pretty envious that I wasn’t racing myself, especially since my running has been progressing so well lately. However, in the name of being patient and not adding extra pressure amid my triathlon training, I sat this weekend out. I still had workouts of my own to fit in last week, though, so let’s get down to recapping those before I talk about my favourite F word – FOOD.



1646m swim: I was a bit tired this afternoon and thought I might be getting sick, so I didn’t swim at lunch, as I had initially planned. I did make myself go after work, and did some 600s.

27.2km ride: My swim brought me back to life. At least, enough to ride for 55 minutes. I had a fun pyramid workout on the schedule.


8km run: The first of my double run was okay. I still can’t *quite* get my stride in the morning, and my heart rate seems to take off. Today was no exception, and I was plodding along, but ended up just a hair out of my easy zone.

4km run: On my way home, it was a different story. I couldn’t seem to get my heart rate up and ended up running quite a bit faster than usual to finish up where I needed to be. Today was one of my fastest runs (5:08/km avg.!!), so I was glad to see there’s some speed in these legs of mine, even if I was completely spent when I got home. 😉



1646m swim: I slept really poorly, so I opted out of my morning swim. Instead, I did the prescribed workout on my own at lunch. The main set was 7 X 200.

28.6km ride: An interval ride that didn’t feel the best.


10km run

40 minutes strength

Oof. Another missed Thursday workout. I came home from work feeling like absolute garbage. My head was congested, and I was just so damn tired. I spent the night curled up on the couch and took a bath.


Rest. Glorious, glorious (scheduled) rest day. Except it wasn’t so glorious, because I wasn’t feeling so glorious.


41.8km ride: I woke up feeling no better, but also no worse. I was starting to get a little stir-crazy, so I did my brick workout. We kept the long ride in zones 2 and 3, just to make sure. My congesty face was a little annoying while I was riding, but otherwise fine.

2.72km run: I surprised myself with a solid run off the bike. Each time I do a brick, I get a little more comfortable. My form is strong, and my paces are improving.



9.96km run: Since I don’t have any running goal races coming up, we’ve switched my long run over to a time-based workout. I resisted temptation to run just a little longer, and stopped my watch exactly at the one-hour mark. My Type A self is growing, I guess?

34 minutes strength: Before my body could figure out what was happening, I did my strength as soon as I got home. I had a 360 degree burn on my legs when I did my wall sits. Hurts so good…or something. 🙂


Swim: 3,272m/1:14

Bike: 97.6km/3:26

Run: 24.7km/2:26

Strength: 0:34

Total Time: 8:20

All in all, not a bad week. Given that it’s Monday, and I’ve still got some lingering congestion, I suspect it is sinus-related or seasonal allergies. I’m not better, but also not worse. My runs continue to progress, and I’m getting more comfortable on the bike. I’m seeing improvements in my brick workouts, so I’m eager to see how that will play out in my early races.

The F Word – FOOD!


My initial plan this week was to write a post about the benefits of joining a triathlon club. However, nutrition has been on my mind lately big time. Many refer to it as the fourth discipline in triathlon, so it’s something that I really should be giving a little more thought.

I’ll spare you the details of my personal history with food. Summary: rocky, and inconsistent. I lost a ton of weight in my mid-20s and ate a (mostly) clean diet. A couple of years ago, I became much more relaxed with my diet and gained back some weight. While it’s certainly an oversimplification of my relationship with food, it might give you some insight as to why I’m struggling so much with nutrition right now. Long story short: Everything related to weight loss is ten times harder the second time around.

Since I started training in November, my nutrition has been up and down. I was fresh off a Whole30 and, although I was feeling good, I knew it was not sustainable in the long term. Ever since then, I’ve been in a cycle of eating well for a few days or weeks, and then letting old habits creep in.

I’m not willing to cut things completely out of my diet. There will always be room in my diet for dessert, burgers, beer, wine, and all of the other foods that I love. However, I’m not the best at moderation sometimes, particularly when I’m either really happy or sad or stressed.

I will eat healthy food consistently if it is available to me. A once-a-week, big food prep session is crucial to keeping me on track for the week. So, that’s just what I did yesterday. That photo above are the fruits (and vegetables, and meats, and baked goods) of my labour yesterday. As stress picks up with our move, I’m going to make a conscious effort to control what I can control. That includes the food I’m using to fuel my body.

I’m not saying there won’t be treats; there will be. You’ll still see the occasional beer or glass of wine, and an ice cream sandwich here and there. 😉 However, I’m hoping that the food prep photo above will be more of the norm, especially heading into my training build.

While I have a *lot* of thoughts on food and our relationship with it as endurance athletes, I really just wanted to throw out my half-baked thoughts on nutrition. Accountability is always a good thing, too. I used to (half) joke that I was ready to hire full-time for someone to come and slap unhealthy foods out of my hand.

As always, I welcome constructive advice if you have something to share about your nutrition. 🙂

If you raced this weekend, how did it go? Besides the weekly food prep, any tips for me to get my nutrition back on track?


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