What’s Next? My Summer Race Schedule


Hola! Happy Monday, my friends! I hope your long weekend was filled with family time, lots of chocolate, and workouts that met all your expectations. The majority of you (myself included) likely spent some time today following the Boston Marathon and being inspired. There’s nothing like watching the Boston Marathon to help you dream big. This all got me thinking ahead to what’s coming next on the training front. Buckle up – this is a long one! 🙂

I want to discuss my upcoming races this season, but first, here’s what my training looked like last week:



1375m swim: Today’s swim focused on 100s at CSS pace. We have time trials and filming again next week, and this workout felt quite a bit harder than I hoped it would. I’m a little nervous to do my time trials, truth be told.

26km ride: My post-work ride was just what I needed. The blocks of work in Zone 4 felt like a good way to shake off the day.


6km run: I did something today that I almost *never* do – I ran in the morning before work! I’m just not a morning runner, so these double runs in advance of the Ragnar relay are going to be a mental challenge. My legs felt heavy during the 6km Z2 run, but got it done. Gave myself a big pat on the back for this one. Perhaps a little too soon…

5km run: I came home from work all set to run when we got a call about a last-minute house viewing, so off we went. It was a bit out of the way, so by the time we got home, it was close to 9:00. My stomach was eating itself, so dinner took priority and off to bed I went. #onefertuesday? Not quite the same ring to it.

Also of note on Tuesday: After my run and before work on Tuesday, I had to go to a cardiology appointment and get hooked up to a Holter monitor for 2 days. Initial conversations with my doctor and my own research indicated that I would be able to exercise normally (but not swim because the monitor can’t get wet, which also means – wait for it – no bathing or showering! Sorry, friends and loved ones. I know it was a rough couple of days.). However, when I got to the appointment, the technician told me that I could exercise, but not to get too sweaty in case the electrodes stuck to my body came loose. Womp.


11km ride: Despite being hooked up to the Holter monitor, I was determined not to let it get in my way. I taped everything to my body all nice and secure-like and hopped on my bike to ride for an hour or until I became so sweaty that my electrodes were soaked, whichever came first. I made it through about half an hour of awkward riding before the monitor came loose and my sweat was getting just past an acceptable level. I held the monitor to my body for a few minutes and continued to ride before I threw in the towel (heh). Abort. But better than nothing.

40 minutes strength: See above. Being sweaty and not able to keep the monitor attached to my body posed a definitely challenge in strength work.


Oh, hi, medical device that interferes with my training!


1029m swim: With the monitor having been removed that morning, I made the most of my lunch hour and swam. Not as far as I would have liked (1500m prescribed), but I made my mileage (yardage?) count. I did 5 faster-than-usual 100s as my main set, and it felt decent, I must say.

7.7km interval run: First set of intervals since before Around the Bay! I started my run feeling like absolute garbage. My super easy warm-up felt like death, so I did not have a lot of hope for my intervals. Oddly enough, I felt better when I was pushing the pace on my repeats. They were not super fast, but par for the course with how I was feeling.


Rest. Glorious, glorious (scheduled) rest day. It was also a holiday, so everything was closed and I couldn’t even run errands. It was a great day to recharge!


37.4km ride: Today’s long ride was the perfect stress reliever for me. I’ve been finding lately that riding has been the most enjoyable part of my training. Even though I’m still riding inside, there’s something about turning my brain (almost) off and zoning out that has been exactly what I’ve been craving on my stressful days.

2.6km run off the bike: Upon finishing my ride, I was out the door within 5 minutes for a 15 minute run off the bike. Like last week, the focus was getting out quickly. My body felt surprisingly good for the first few minutes, but then I started to feel tired. Turns out my paces for the brick run were faster than they were the week before, but I hung in there and finished up my workout feeling like a beast.



14km long run: First long run since Around the Bay. I started out to find that it was hot outside. Heh. Hot and a bit breezy. Yay, but what the hell?! Some of the run was a bit of a struggle, but I was pleased with my overall pace.


Swim: 2,404m/0:58

Bike: 74.4km/2:58

Run: 30.3km/3:01

Strength: 0:00

Total Time: 6:57

There were still a couple of red boxes in Training Peaks and workouts cut short, but it is a big improvement over last week. I’m not feeling nearly as discouraged as I was at this time last week. My strength training has been seriously lacking since Around the Bay, so that is going to be my highest priority this week because I need to stay injury-free as I head into a big summer of training (see below). I’m hanging in there, though, and I hope I am done with heart monitors and house viewings. Next up on the life front is finding a moving company from the helpful recommendations that we got, and moving early in June! You’ll definitely be hearing more about that over the next little while, as it is sure to impact my training in more ways than one.

My Summer Race Schedule

I’m a planner, there’s no question about it. It should come as no surprise, then, that I’ve already mapped out and registered for the races I will be doing through to the end of the summer. As someone who once used many races as training runs and motivators, I often have to stop myself from registering for all the things. I’m trying to be more strategic in choosing triathlons to avoid burnout. Needless to say, I’m fortunate to have a coach to reel me in when my mouse finger gets trigger happy and the FOMO kicks in.

I have two major triathlon goals this year:

  • A PB in the sprint distance
  • Complete an olympic distance event

Big day for race registration!

I’ve already put in a fair amount of work to get me there, but there is still much more to do. Here’s what I’ve lined up so far:

Ragnar Relay Niagara, May 19-20 – I’ll be running my first Ragnar relay with a team of fierce ladies from Tribe Fitness. I’ve read tons of recaps from other bloggers who have done Ragnar relays and we’ve already started the planning. It should be an awesome weekend. I’m really looking forward to checking this one off my bucket list!

Rose City Sprint Triathlon, June 24 – This will be my first triathlon of the season. I chose it partly because the swim is in the Welland canal and the bike course is flat. It is also early enough that I can make any necessary tweaks to my training before my first ‘A’ race in July.

Kincardine Women’s Triathlon, July 8 – I will be joining a couple of my girlfriends for a weekend at a cottage, which will include my first women’s-only triathlon. It’s a shorter event (375m swim, 12km bike, 3km run), so that should allow me to push myself a bit and test my fitness.

Toronto Triathlon Festival, July 23 – I’ll return to the Toronto Triathlon Festival this year and take on the sprint distance once again. I know I want to challenge myself with longer distances, and initially thought that doing the olympic race there was a no-brainer, but I ultimately decided to do the sprint again to see exactly how far I’ve come in a year. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but I am really looking forward to comparing last year’s numbers to this year’s.

Toronto Island Women’s Sprint Triathlon, August 19 – Another local event that I am looking forward to so much. The swim is slightly shorter for this one (500m swim, 20km bike, 5km run). I can’t wait to race on the island, and I’ve heard such wonderful things about this women’s-only event.

Wasaga Beach Olympic Triathlon, August 26 – This will be a birthday present to myself, and I can’t wait to attempt the olympic distance!

Niagara Falls Barrelman Relay (Run), September 17 – I’ll be running the half marathon portion of the 70.3 in Niagara. My bike and swim partners are forces to be reckoned with in their respective disciplines, so I’ll try my best to keep up!

So, that’s it! It’s a very full and ambitious race schedule for someone just starting out, I realize. However, I’m in such capable hands to get me to start line in the best shape possible. It’s been a few years since I’ve been so excited about my training.

You may have noticed that, with the exception of the Ragnar relay, there are no running events listed above. I have been experiencing some longing to run certain road races as of late, especially since I missed my goal at Around the Bay.

After I had a day or two to reflect on my experience at Around the Bay, I looked closely at my splits, and thought I might be ready to race a 10k again. My 10k PB is 5 years old, and with both Sporting Life and the Waterfront 10 coming up, there are a couple of good opportunities to bring that one down. NB: The 10k is my most challenging and hated distance, so feeling motivated to take this on felt like a sign that I should.

In addition, the marathon has been calling my name over the last couple of months. It was my first love in running, and one that has been missing since my last marathon blow-up in Chicago in October 2015. I was lost last summer without marathon training. I’ll come back to it again, but not until my running returns to a place where I can put in some hard work for a significant PB. The marathon distance is challenging, no doubt. It takes my body a long time to build to it, race it, and recover, so I want to be sure it’s the only thing I’m doing when the time comes.

I thought *very* critically about what I want out of this season and checked in with my coach. I’ve decided to back off on setting road race goals until after triathlon season is over.

As you can see above, I’ve already got a lot on my multisport plate, so I don’t want to throw something else in the mix and potentially jeopardize any of my summer races. I’ve run all of those road distances already, so I know I am capable of completing them. I will not be looking to chase any big running goals until I’m certain I can focus all my energy on it, and that window of time is not coming up in the immediate future. The races and distances will always be there.

But, first, I tri!

How did your training go last week? What races are you registered for or thinking about this summer? 


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