Training Recap Week ??


HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! It’s certainly been a while since I’ve had something to say about my training, hasn’t it? I know what you’re thinking. Usually when people go incognito online, it means that things have gone terribly awry. That is only partially true. While there have been days (arguably a week) where things have been in the toilet since Around the Bay, I’m alive and still trucking along…mostly.

I thought about doing a monster recap of the last two weeks of training, but I’ll summarize it nicely here: Roller coaster. There have been hard ups and hard downs. Thanks to both Ryan and my coach, I’m doing okay-ish at keeping myself in check. Left to my own devices, this would be much worse. Without further ado, here’s what went down last week:


12.9km ride: It’s been so long since I’ve written, that you probably would not have known that I was away last weekend for Ryan’s marathon in Raleigh. We were checking out of the hotel on Monday and coming home, so I was able to do an easy 30 minute spin on the hotel bike. Just enough to get moving again after having had a sloth-like few days. Much needed and felt pretty good. #noragrets

#twofertuesday – Wait, what?! Yes, I’m running doubles for Tuesdays until the end of May in preparation for the Ragnar relay. Aren’t I just full of surprises? Or something else… 🙂

5km run: There was some pandemonium on Tuesday. We got home overnight Monday heading into Tuesday (a few hours later than expected) in the middle of a torrential downpour and also with the news that we have to move before the end of June. With coordinating dog pick-up and trying to get at least some sleep, my “morning” run happened late in the afternoon. It was still raining heavily and very windy. Not so much a time. I was really excited to get home, knowing that I would have to go out again in a couple of hours to run 5km more.

5km run: So, the rain stopped and the second run was fine. I did have to change clothes in between, though, because my others were so wet. I’m not sure I felt the full benefit of the double run because both occurred so closely together. I was incredibly nervous about today’s double because the one and only other time I ran twice in one day was the day before my plantar fasciitis presented itself. Luckily, this went without incident and I felt fine.


1450m swim: Today was my first swim workout in a while, relatively speaking. With an extra day of vacation under my belt, I was somewhat rested and ready to swim, although I was fully prepared for this swim to suck. The workout consisted of a lot of short, fast sets that left me tired, but you can’t stay away from the pool forever if you’re going to train for a triathlon. Done and dusted.

30km ride: A good ride, with a few blocks of work in power zone 4. Not much to report here.


8km interval run

40 minutes strength

I skipped my workouts on Thursday for no other reason than being stressed. Oh, and it was pissing down rain again. I try my best to get out there when the weather is crappy because character building and such, but the terrible weather, combined with my heightened stress, got to me, and I hibernated for the evening.  


Rest. Glorious, glorious (scheduled) rest day. I thought about making up my missed workouts from Thursday, but I had a mini-triathlon of sorts on my schedule for Saturday, so I wanted to be rested for it. I was pretty excited, even, which was something. It’s no secret that I’ve been dragging since Around the Bay, so my enthusiasm for my weekend workouts was promising.


1800 457m swim: I went to the quiet pool near work to find it much busier than usual. I hopped into the medium lane with a few others and started to do my thing. It became apparent that I had stumbled onto some sort of private, informal lesson/instruction. I asked if they would be okay to share the lane by going straight up and down and they could have one half of the lane to themselves. All agreed, but it didn’t quite work. I switched lanes and, after dodging an army of breaststrokers, I lost all resolve and called it quits. NB: There is nothing wrong with doing breaststroke at the pool. It’s hard for me (especially as a beginner) to get around other swimmers, though, as I still try to navigate swim etiquette. I suppose I should be happy that I was swimming fast enough to require passing others. Ha.

We were on a time crunch with some house viewings that evening, and I made no effort when I got home to do my brick workout. Womp. I went to bed disappointed in myself and still letting my external stressors get to me.

1:15 ride

10 minute run off the bike


14km long run

40 minutes strength


Post-brick on Sunday

I know what you’re thinking. It looks like this week was nothing but a series of strikethroughs. I ended up salvaging my Saturday workouts on Sunday, after all. I was way more excited to try my first brick workout of the season than I was to do a long run, so I ended up doing my long ride and run off the bike. Sunday proved to be the busiest day of all for us last week. We had a Toronto Triathlon Festival event to attend in the morning, followed by a baby shower, and two more house viewings. There was no more time for self-pity and procrastination. I got up early and was on the bike by 7:00.

35.4km ride: A little Zwift action to start the morning. I was feeling determined on the ride. I usually watch TV or movies while I’m on the trainer, but our current trainer setup shares a wall with our bedroom, so I didn’t want to wake Ryan. I turned on my music and watched the Zwift screen without too much thought.

10 minute run off the bike: The last time I had done a brick workout of any kind was on the day of TTF last summer. It did not go that well, ha. I had laid out my run things, and was out the door within 5 minutes of finishing my ride. I did a short run (1.6km) wearing my bulky bike shorts. I’ve been told my numerous concerned parties that it’s time to invest in a pair of tri shorts. Twist my rubber arm. 😉 Anyway, I finished my workout feeling strong and confident that I had made time to fit it in. I hope I can channel this in the weeks to come, as the stress is likely to continue.


Swim: 1450m/0:42

Bike: 68km/2:47

Run: 11.6km/1:10

Strength: 0:00

Total Time: 4:39

No doubt, last week was one of my lowest volume weeks since I started triathlon training back in November. I’ll continue to deal with a fair amount of personal stress over the next little while, so survival is key. It has been difficult for me to see all the red boxes in my Training Peaks account, but I know the stress is temporary. I’ve already registered for the rest of my summer races, so I’ve got something to keep me motivated.

I’ve got some other things that I want to tell you about (such as my FTP test and a bit more on my summer races), so I hope to find time to write more soon.

Have a great week, friends!



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