Training Recap Week 7



WOW. I find myself saying this in every recap, but last week was quite a week for me. No, seriously this time. 😉 Coming down from last week’s Chilly Half (my recap is ready! I’ll probably post it tomorrow or Wednesday.), I had my very first FTP test to look forward to, as well as my peak run before Around the Bay. Like most weeks, there were some ups and downs, but never a dull moment.



1509m swim: OUCH. I woke up the day after the race with a major case of the DOMS. I hobbled out of bed and got right back in just as quickly. No swim practice for me. I decided to pack my things in case I was feeling semi-human at lunch and could make it to the pool. I made it to the pool, but I’m not sure I felt human at any point. My body quickly revolted, and my swim turned into a mix of pull and fin sets, with some work on my drills as prescribed by my swim coach. It was not pleasant, but moving my body even a little helped. Maybe.

16km ride: After work, I did a super easy ride. There was no structure, just get on the bike and spin the pedals for 45 minutes. No more pleasant than my swim. I expected to be sore after the race, and it was the best feeling, if that makes sense. Happy to take a couple of easy workouts today.


7km run: Thanks to my success at the Chilly Half, I got myself a brand new set of HR training zones! Woo hoo! Along with it, I got some torrential rain, wind, and persisting soreness. Boo! Turns out my legs still worked and I didn’t die, but the run was a tough one.

40 minutes strength: Getting in my strength work after that run was a challenge, for sure. Not much to report.


1350m swim: Back to early swim practice, and still a bit exhausted. Part of me started to worry because my FTP test was scheduled for the next day, and everyone kept advising me that I should be well-rested for the test. After work, I went out for dinner with friends and got a good night of sleep.


FTP Test: My very first FTP test! I ended up being the only one at The Lab for my test. I was initially a bit nervous and intimidated, but all that went out the window. Michael, the Head Coach at X3 and owner of The Lab, put me completely at ease and explained everything that was happening at various stages. With this being my first crack at the test, I faced no pressure to put up big numbers and because I was on my own, no worry of having to compare myself to others. For someone who is clueless about cycling, I have a lot of thoughts on my first FTP test and will be writing about it separately.


Rest. Glorious, glorious (scheduled) rest day.


28km long run: I had a pretty rough run this weekend. I headed out to Hamilton once more with Ryan and a few others from my run group to get in one last long run on parts of the ATB course. My run *sucked* big time. I felt like garbage on many of the hills, especially the rollers. In addition, the weather was cold and terrible. I had a complete meltdown and even cried towards the end, wondering how I was going to be able to pull this off in two weeks. However, because I was running on my own for a while, I paid close attention to where I was on the course, as I know that will come into play big time as I come up with my race day plan. We also (literally) ran into my childhood friend and university room mate from Newfoundland who now lives in St. Catharines. She was out for her peak long run too, and it was the first time I had seen her in years. Yay, reunion!


30km ride: I switched things up today, and did my ride using Zwift. I’m going to be experimenting with riding in my power zones now that I have some relevant data, so I did an easy ride with a few blocks of work in various power zones.

40 minutes strength: My normal post-run strength routine got moved to Sunday to accommodate my FTP test.


Swim: 2859m/1:07

Bike: 71.5km/3:01

Run: 35km/3:37

Strength: 1:15

Total Time: 9:00

Lots of ups and downs this week, as usual. I started the week on a high from the Chilly Half, despite being tired post-race. My FTP test took a lot out of me, both mentally and physically, so it should have come as no surprise that my run on Saturday went less than smoothly. My long run was also only my second run with my newly adjusted heart rate zones, so my pace was a little quicker than usual. I’m up for the challenge and although it is nice to see my long run pace dropping closer to where it once was, I need to keep myself in check before heading immediately into meltdown mode. HR training has proven an effective approach for me, and I need to be patient just a while longer.

My focus over the next couple of weeks is to get my workouts in, focus on recovery/sleep and eating mostly good food before Around the Bay. I still have some work to do in finalizing my race prep, like (maybe) selecting a B goal and a little more mental work in visualizing the course on race day. I think I’ve got this in hand, and now that I’ve had a test run at Chilly, I’m eager to see how Around the Bay will unfold. Stay tuned!




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