Training Recap Week 5


Hi! This week of training was considerably better than last, although not without its challenges. I was away for the long weekend and I got in most of my workouts. The week started off a little shaky, but ended on a strong note. I’m a week away from my first race of the year and feeling better than I thought I would. I’ve got a couple of other posts in the works about the current state of my biking and my race plans for the upcoming season, but not before my weekly recap of training.

Here’s how the week went:


This is usually a swim day, but it was cancelled because of the Family Day holiday. I was also still in Ottawa for work, so I took this as an unintended rest day.


9km run: Womp.

40 minutes strength: Womp.

I was in a meeting all day, and then we made the 5 hour drive home. We ran into some rainy weather and, although I had the best of intentions, my run and strength did not get done when we made it home. No excuses. I just didn’t get it done.


1000m swim: After a fairly solid night of sleep, I was more than ready for swim practice. I was fully expecting to be uncomfortable after my weekend away, but it wasn’t too bad! We had a fun setup of stations and filming, so there wasn’t as much volume as normal. What a perfect way to ease back into training. We had two videos each taken, one from the side and one from the front. We’ll get some feedback in the coming weeks, so I’m looking forward to seeing what I need to work on. My coach watched them, and gave me some initial pointers.

29km bike: A steady cadence ride focused on gear changes. It was a lot more challenging than I thought it would be. I was a sweaty mess by the end of it.


40 minutes strength: I had a longer run on the schedule than I’m used to on the weekdays, so in order to make sure it got done, I got up early to do my strength workout before work. Nothing much to report.

13km run: Tonight’s run was the strongest hill workout I’ve had this training cycle, I think! All the worry about my previously missed hill workouts was put to bed quickly. I knocked out 7 hill repeats perhaps stronger than any of my other attempts, and finished the additional distance feeling pretty damn great. The weather was phenomenal, and the reminder that spring is inching closer was just what I needed to get through this longer run.


Rest. Glorious, glorious (scheduled) rest day.

1550m swim: Wait, what?! Due to my two unintended, consecutive rest days this week, my normal rest day got switched for a swim. The workout consisted of several sets of 200m, focused on upper body strength to save my legs for Saturday’s long run and strength.


26km run: My longest run of this training cycle! Sadly, I woke up with some pain in my foot. I haven’t had a plantar fasciitis relapse in a long time, but here we are. I waited around, stretched everything out and did some extra foam rolling, stretching, and icing before I left. I started the run with the intention of quitting the second that anything hurt. I had to see for myself, even though my decision to run may not have been the best one. Surprisingly, it was a great run! It was a little slower than I would have liked, but in the spirit of staying on track with the HR training, I took the slightly slower kms and finished my run STRONG. I had zero pain, and it was a perfectly executed effort, if I do say so myself.

40 minutes strength: I don’t often do strength after a long run (in fact, maybe never!). By some miracle, I had the energy to get it done. HR training for the win! I was fully warmed up, so I was able to dig a little deeper into my squats and push-ups and it was a nice feeling to be able to do this after a 3 hour run.


1825m swim: As I have been doing for the last while, I did my swim before my bike ride. Today’s effort was a couple of 600m blocks, with one of them being a negative split. The first set was a mental slog and I really wasn’t sure how I would be able to pull off another set, let alone another set as a negative split. I keep proving myself wrong in the pool, because I was able to get the negative split set done and I finished my swim in a much better mood than when I started.

28.2km ride: A misadventure in technology! For some reason, I wasn’t able to get my cadence sensor to connect today. The speed sensor was fine, but no go for the cadence. I restarted my watch a few times, hoping that it was just being cranky. Nothing. I tried repairing the sensors and that also didn’t work. Rather than spend all day fussing with it and get angrier, I decided that I had done enough low cadence rides that I could get pretty close to my ranges riding by feel. That’s what I did, and I had a good ride to round out the week.


Swim: 4375m/1:47

Bike: 57.2km/2:25

Run: 39km/4:30

Strength: 1:16

Total Time: 9:58


The week definitely did not start out as I had intended. Before our trip to Ottawa, I carefully researched accommodations that would allow me to stay on track with training. What I didn’t account for was the Family Day long weekend. Our hotel was swarming with children, which made it hard to swim laps in the 10m pool. As soon as we got home, I was eager to dig back into training and I did pretty well for the remainder of the week.

The potential relapse of my plantar fasciitis is bugging me. Certainly, I am handling it better this year than last. I suppose I’ve got a little hindsight now and know what to expect. I’m also a lot more invested in my swimming and cycling than I was last year. If my upcoming races don’t go as planned, I will try my best not to dwell on it, but rather focus more on the other disciplines. I really have put in the work to make these races go well, but my long-term health and the upcoming triathlon season are more important to me right now. I’ve been taking all the steps to cut this off at the head, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Saturday morning’s episode was a one-off.

Although nowhere near perfect, I made an effort to eat and sleep better this week and that was definitely reflected in my workouts. There are always improvements to make, but I’m heading into this week feeling good. I’m doing everything to ensure that I’m rested for the Chilly Half next Sunday.

Control what you can control, I guess. Have a great week, everyone!

Have you ever had a recurring injury? How did you cope with it?


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