Training Week Recap 2


I was pretty creative with the title there, wasn’t I?

I’ve got another post in the works about the current state of my running, but it requires some extra thought and brainpower that, frankly, I don’t have right now. I’ve just got to get my thoughts organized on that one, and I should have it up sometime in the coming week. On to the good stuff…


950m swim: Morning swim practices usually cover a bit more distance than this, but it was test day! We had our 400m and 50m time trials. My 400m time was 10:43 and my 50m time was 1:03.

18.3km ride.


11km run with 6 hill repeats. 2km run: I have no excuses here, other than I was heading into a three-day work event that I have been pouring my heart and soul into for a year. I cut this run way short.

40 minutes strength. After I aborted my hill workout, I used my night to pack for the conference and get some sleep before morning swim practice.


875m swim: We tested our 200m time today. I got 4:54.


35 minutes strength: Modified in the hotel room, but got ‘er done!

8km run. 2.46km run: I did what I could with the time I had before my busy conference day.


Rest. Glorious, glorious rest day.


20km long run: Longest run since August. Completely exhausted from the week at the conference, but I got this done and felt really great for most of the run. With my goal race 9 weeks out, I have been trying to incorporate hills into my long runs and it’s confirmed that my hard work has been paying off.


1825m swim: Endurance solo swim. I did 3 blocks of 400m, with a warm-up and cool-down. My watch added a bit of distance. This was my longest swim ever!

22.5km ride: Some low cadence work to end the week. Normally, I would ride before my swim, but swimming was the biggest mental block for me today, so I decided to head to the pool first and check it off the list. I don’t always make wise decisions, but I did today.


Swim: 3650m/1:28

Bike: 40.8km/1:44

Run: 24.5km/2:44

Strength: 0:35

Total Time: 6:32


To be honest, I had a really challenging week. As I mentioned above, this week was a major work event that I’ve been working hard with a team to plan for just about a year. I started my week with a solid game plan to fit absolutely everything in, and still be on my feet for 12+ hours from Wednesday – Friday. By Tuesday, I was a little ball of stress and I couldn’t quiet my mind to get into my hill workout. I cut the run short and skipped my strength training to get my last-minute preparations done. For the most part, I don’t regret the decision. I was so distracted and wound up that I think it would have manifested itself on the run, and given me a reason to be hard on myself. That’s not the way I wanted to head into the conference.

I shortened my run on the second day of the conference, but squeezed in my strength workout in the hotel. The third and final day of the conference was my scheduled rest day, so I went home after it ended to sleep until my body woke up naturally. My weekend workouts were nothing to write home about. I was still feeling tired and unenthusiastic, but reminded myself that getting back into the swing of things wouldn’t be easy, no matter what. I hit all three workouts for Saturday and Sunday and I’m feeling somewhat recharged heading into the week.


In the grand scheme of things, I’m short 14.5km of running and one missed strength workout this week. It was easy to focus on this and feel guilty. And I did, a little. I am the queen of ‘red box anxiety’ (the feeling I get when I see the red boxes in Training Peaks, indicated that I’ve either skipped a workout or done less than half of what was prescribed). However, a big step back gave me some perspective. Yes, I missed 14.5km of running, but I did technically run three times and I nailed my long run. I incorporated a lot of hills into my long run on purpose and I felt surprisingly good after being on my feet for three days after the conference. The long run this week confirmed that my body is absorbing the hard work of hill training, effective strength work, and my biking. Mentally, it was necessary for me to get out there and get it done, no matter how ugly it was. It wasn’t ugly at all, and I’m glad I pushed myself out the door.

Perhaps most important from the week, though, is my swim progress! I did three separate time trials over two days, and I *finally* have a benchmark to measure my swimming progress. Anecdotally, I know I’ve been feeling better while swimming and that I’m making huge gains in the pool. I hope to see some improvements in those numbers in the coming weeks and months. I also mentioned above that today (Sunday), I swam further than I’ve ever swam before! This is the second week of having a third swim on Sundays focused on endurance and I enjoyed it again this week. Finally, I was selected as swimmer of the month in my group! This was my first month, I know, but I’ll take all the swimming accolades I can get. Looks like I made a splash. Har.

When I look at the week holistically, rather than its parts, I feel pretty good. I did my very best with the time I had, and I knew when to pull back and save my energy. Here’s to a more focused week!

How do you juggle training when you have major life commitments?


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