Training Week Recap


So, I know this is pretty typical for endurance sports bloggers, but as a reader, one of the things I look forward to most is reading recaps about training schedules (and races, of course). Even though it’s not always good to compare yourself to others in training, it’s nice to get a peek at what others are up to. Here’s how my week went down:


1175m swim: Swimming with TTC. We focused on short, hard efforts. To be honest, I struggled through this workout. It definitely was not one of my Michael Phelps days at the pool. I was so exhausted that I was barely able to finish some of the 50m sprints.


7km run: Lactate Threshold Heart Rate Test! This was my second attempt at the test (first was a disaster), and I did considerably better with running hard for an extended period of time. However, I got home and uploaded my run, eager to see the data, and it turns out my heart rate hadn’t tracked correctly, so the second attempt wasn’t as fruitful as we had hoped, either.

35 minutes strength: Strength routine after the run. I do a circuit of bodyweight exercises, usually immediately following my run. I’ve been seeing the positive effects of strength training on my progress, which is a real motivator to digging in for another 35-40 minutes after a tough run.


1225m swim: Swimming with TTC in the morning. This practice also focused on some short work, and I was feeling considerably better than Monday.

23.4km ride: The evening saw me doing a one-hour low cadence, heavy gear workout on the trainer. Nothing too crazy, since I was still recovering from the LTHR test. As usual, I devoured an episode of Game of Thrones during my ride.


10km run: I took to the Twitters to get some advice on where to run some good hills. Twitter delivered, and I did 5 hill repeats during my run. The hill really is a great one to train on, and I am looking forward to seeing some progress in my hill running over the next 10 weeks as I build for Around the Bay.

40 minutes strength: I ended my run at the gym, and Coach PK had some plans to step up my strength workout. It did not disappoint, and I’ve got some new moves and challenging variations on the old moves in the rotation.


Rest. Glorious, glorious rest day.


17km long run: I hit the road with some of my Tribe Fitness friends, and we tackled some of the Around the Bay hills in Hamilton. Despite having done Around the Bay twice, I have never gotten to run on the infamous Valley Inn Road. We incorporated it into our route, and I felt really great almost the entire time.


I also did a solid 20 minutes of stretching and foam rolling on Saturday night. I must make time to do this regularly, as my body felt better almost immediately.


22.6km ride: I had an aerobic ride on the schedule. I started season 4 of GoT and spun my legs out.

1500m swim: Endurance solo swim. Earlier this week on a phone call with my coach, I said that I wanted to try adding a third swim that focused on endurance, as opposed to speed. I’ve been working hard in my group swimming sessions, and I think I would benefit from some quiet time in the pool to let my body absorb all that work. I went for 1500m on my own today, and it was a really great way to end my training week.


Swim: 3900m/1:36

Bike: 46km/2:00

Run: 34km/3:39

Strength: 1:13

Total Time: 8:48


Overall, I’m feeling pretty good about last week’s training. It got off to a shaky start with my struggle bus swim, and the LTHR test that didn’t go quite to plan. Things got better as the week progressed, and I ended the week on a high note. I have a challenging work week coming up with a major three-day conference, so I’m trying to focus on keeping things relatively on track.

If you’re training for anything, how did your week of training go? 


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