“Welcome” by Nathan | Source | Shared under a CC BY-SA 2.0 License

Hello! My name is Courtney, and I’m a new triathlete. Welcome to my little corner of the internets where I’ll write all about my training. There may be some deep content as I work through my near daily existential crises about why I took up multisport to begin with, but I’ll try to keep it mostly light-hearted and we can laugh at me together while I figure out basic things, such as “What the hell is an FTP test, and why do I need to do one?” (Editor’s note: This is a legit question, and I will need it answered at some point.)

You might ask why I’m writing about triathlon training when the internet is seemingly saturated with millions of blogs about everything, including (you got it) triathlon training. When I started running back in 2011, I couldn’t get enough of running blogs. I read a wide range of blogs, everything from beginners all the way up to elites.

I started to entertain the idea of doing a triathlon after much (well-intentioned and positive) pressure from a few of my nearest and dearest. Naturally, I turned to the blogging world for inspiration, the inner workings of someone like me who was bumbling their way through this brave new (to me) world. I found a lot of advanced and elite athletes who were blogging about their races and training, and read those regularly for inspiration.

However, I still found myself hungry for musings from someone who was more at my level. The true newb. Surely there are more like me out there?

So, here we are. If you are looking for dozens of fancy, filtered GoPro videos and photos and tons of high-profile sponsored content, I won’t have that for you here. For the record, I love reading that type of stuff, but it’s not a niche I’m able to fill. What I can promise is honest, semi-regular postings of my training adventures while I figure out this triathlon thing. You’ll get an occasional iPhone photo thrown in there, with some raw thoughts and commentary. You’ll hear the good, the bad, and the ugly. And the pretty too.

Welcome 2017

I know, I know. It feels late for new year intention posts, but humour me a little here. Full disclosure: I started this little blog post weeks ago. A number of bloggers that I follow set their intentions for the year by choosing a word to guide their goals. I was all set to do the same, and then sat on the partially finished post for a while until it seemed silly to be writing about goals for the new year. For what it’s worth, the word was welcome, and was focused both on being welcomed and being welcoming. Here’s a condensed version of it:

I’ve really been feeling the love from the triathlon community since I took on my first (and only, to date) triathlon last summer. You can read all about that here. It’s probably the only time in my life I’ll be on page 6. Ha. I digress. My positive experience in putting myself out there in the running community gave me the confidence to do the same with triathlon. I recently joined the Toronto Triathlon Club, and have been welcomed by each person I’ve encountered.

In addition to being welcomed, I’m making an effort to welcome new and different things into my training life. Instead of my past approach of simply adding 1-2 unstructured biking and swimming sessions per week to my running plan (I truly was winging it last summer), I’ve enlisted the help and coaching services of a truly inspirational athlete and coach who I’ve been wanting to work with for a long time.

So, welcome to 2017, welcome to setting more goals that scare the crap out of me, welcome to this crazy world of triathlon that I never thought I would enter, and welcome to all of you! Thank you for following along. I’m looking forward to sharing my triathlon training adventures with you!


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